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Licking Dog Screen Clean is an adorable licking dog screensaver !

Fortunately you can now count on a very original assistant: a little pug who will carefully lick the screen from within the computer. The Licking Dog Screen Clean makes a fun screensaver to gawk at while your PC is idle, although the screen may not end up as clean as you expect!

Licking Dog Screen Clean features a high image quality, complemented by dog sounds. It would have been great though to have more dogs to choose from or maybe another breed – but pugs are still really cute.

If this little pug isn't to your liking, why not check out some other animal screensavers?

Licking Dog Screen Clean is an adorable. Pity it doesn't include more breeds.

Screen Clean Screensaver is a very original and surprising screensaver. As soon as you leave your computer idle for some time, a dog (a pug, to be more precise) appears on the screen and begins to lick it very carefully.

Licking Dog Screen Clean


Licking Dog Screen Clean 4.1

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